Whistleblower scheme

NORDEN is committed to providing an environment where standards and best practices are encouraged and safeguarded.

The whistleblower scheme provides safe access to reporting existing or potential violations of law and regulations, NORDEN policies and guidelines, a safe and respectful work environment or other irregularities.

In case you intend to file a report, please bear the following in mind:
-    When you report, please be as concrete as possible, ideally with examples. This will allow us to properly investigate the matter to the benefit of NORDEN and all involved.
-    We encourage you to keep the reporting line open so that we can ask clarifying questions and report back what actions we have taken in response to the report. At the portal you can remain 100% anonymous. 
If English is not your native tongue feel free to report in your native language.

You can via the links to the right access NORDEN’s whistleblower scheme and whistleblower portal. 

In NORDEN’s whistleblower scheme, you can find more details about what to report, how to report and how the reports are being handled.

In the whistleblower portal, you can report incidents and find information about which incidents that can be reported and how to ensure that your anonymity is maintained should you wish to submit anonymously.