Our most important asset is our people

At NORDEN we recognise that our most important asset is people, and we therefore work proactively on fostering an inclusive, engaging, healthy and safe working environment, where all employees have equal opportunities to realise their full potential. We are genuinely interested in what drives and gives meaning to each employee and believe that the sum of our achievements relies on individual contributions.

We embrace diversity and understand that everyone plays an important part in the company and is capable of making a difference. We therefore see it as our obligation to mobilise human potential in the search for results. We are all in this together and so we depend on one another.

Health & Safety

Upholding excellent working conditions is important to us, and our ambition is not only to ensure compliance with international legislation, but to set even higher standards.

Onshore, all employees must comply to our Health & Safety policy, and we use our yearly Engagement survey to get an indication of how employees perceive the working environment.

Offshore, we seek to safeguard the crew and external personnel by collaborating with the technical manager of our vessels to ensure the same health & safety standards.

Our ambition:
- Achieve a Lost Time Incident Rate below 0.8 in 2023

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Rooted in our more than 150 years of heritage, our culture builds on our core values: Empathy, Reliability, Ambition and Flexibility, which allow us to deliver on our purpose of enabling smarter global trade.

As a people-based business, we consider diversity as a strength and work proactively to embed Diversity & Inclusion in our organisation and recruitment processes. We believe that diversity will accelerate our ability to deliver on our purpose, as it will allow for different viewpoints and ways of thinking.

Our Ambition:
- Achieve an overall engagement score above index 80
- Minimum 40% share of underrepresented gender
- Achieve a retention rate above 90%

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